License Fee Schedule



Written permission is required for use of photographs from the collections of the Adams County Historical Society for any purpose other than private research or personal use. Users are responsible for clearing any issues of copyright.

There are no license fees for use of photographs for scholarly research or personal enjoyment, and not-for-profit projects.  All other uses are charged at a rate per photograph according to the license fees listed below.

Credit Line Requirements
Any person using ACHS archival material must correctly identify the source and not use the material in a way that falsifies or misrepresents the information it presents. Downloading image files from the ACHS implies an agreement to the previous statement.

Credit must be given to the Adams County Historical Society for the use of archival materials as follows:

Adams County (Nebraska) Historical Society Photograph Collections (Collection Number)

Photograph Fees
High resolution scan, emailed or copied to jump drive-$10.00


Patron scanner or camera-$5.00

License Fee-$50 per photograph, in addition to $10 scan fee.