Adams County Cemeteries

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Adams County Poor Farm Cemetery site

Sec. 1, Roseland Twp. Unmarked burials of poor farm inmates, 1870s to 1920s. Records are lost.

Assumption Catholic Cemetery

Sec. 4, Roseland Twp. Catholic church cemetery established in 1883. Still in use. Many early settlers from Luxembourg.

Blevins Burial site

Sec. 20, Wanda Twp. Pioneer burial site dates from 1870s. Only marker is for S. BLEVINS. No records.

Blue Valley formerly Leroy Cemetery

Sec 36, Ayr Twp, 8 miles south of Hastings on Hiway 281. Burials from 1870s. Well kept, currently in use.

Blumenthal Family Burial

Sec. 20 Zero Twp. 17 known burials, 1870s to 1905. Family of C.H. and Marie Blumenthal.

Concordia Cemetery

Sec. 17, Verona Twp. Originally called Christ Lutheran Cemetery. Established in 1882, still in use.

Crosier Monastery Cemetery

Located east 14th Street, Hastings on monastery grounds.

Peter Fox

Sec. 12, Kenesaw Twp. Single military stone in a grove of trees on private land.  Ask permission to enter.

French Canadian Burial site

Sec 2, Blaine Twp, 4 miles east of Hastings. Known as Provancher Cemetery. About 20 burials, no markers. Historical marker along road.

German Baptist Cemetery

Sec. 27, Roseland Twp. Also knows as Dunkard Cemetery and Evans Cemetery. Former church cemetery, semi abandoned. About 30 markers. Names include EVANS, GRABILL, SIDES, HART, STAUFFER, POUSH, HOFFMAN, MILLER, HENRY, SHOWALTER.

Greenwood Cemetery

Sec. 10, West Blue Twp. Established in 1870s. Serves Hansen and Trumbull (clay County) areas. Still in use. ACHS has listing of burials compiled in 1997.

Hanover Presbyterian Cemetery

Sec 21, Hanover Twp. Church cemetery established 1878, still in use.

Hastings Museum

Located 1330 N Burlington Ave. Hastings.
Albert Brooking grave.

Hastings Regional Center or Ingleside Cemetery

Burials of insane asylum patients. First burial in 1890. No markers. Regional Center burials now available at the Adams County Historical Society.  Link to Burials.

Highland Cemetery

12th & Burlington Ave Hastings. Oldest Hastings cemetery, first burial 1873. No lots sold after 1886. Only records are list of lot owners.

Holstein Cemetery

Sec. 26, Cottonwood Twp. half mile east of Holstein. Established 1877. Still in use.

Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery

Sec 33, Denver Twp. Church cemetery established 1906, still in use. About 35 grave markers. Names include BATES, BUNDE, EISCHEN, FRISCH, GROTHAUS, GROTHEN, HOEFER, JENSEN, KOCH, KOTHE, PAPENHAGEN, PFEIFER, RICHARDSON, SCHULTZ, UHRMACHER.

Jones burial site

Sec. 11, Logan Twp. Three children of Seymore Jones buried in 1870s. Unmarked graves near the center of the section.

Juniata Cemetery

Sec. 11, Juniata twp. Community cemetery one mile west of Juniata. Oldest cemetery in county, established in 1873, still in use.

Kenesaw Cemetery

Sec. 3, Wanda Twp. Community cemetery one mile south of Kenesaw, established in 1882, still in use.

Kingston Cemetery site

Sec 32, Hanover Twp. Abandoned cemetery served former town of Kingston in 1870s. Historical marker along road. No grave markers. No records.

Kirk Burial Site

Sec 34, Cottonwood Twp. Unmarked burial of Mrs. Kirk and five children died about 1883.

Kranau Family

Sec. 29, Zero Twp. A fenced area containing 3 stones in the middle of farmground.  Private land-ask permission to enter.

Lone Grave

Sec. 18, Kenesaw Twp. Burial Site of Susan Haile.
One of the few marked Oregon Trail deaths, 1852.

Mennonite Cemetery

Sec. 35, Roseland Twp. Former Mennonite church cemetery, established in 1880s, semi abandoned. Approximately 100 burials.

Meyer Family Cemetery

Sec. 8, Verona Twp. Rudolph Meyer family burials. Abandoned.

Shawn Meyer Family Cemetery

Sec 9, Ayr Twp, 1/4 mile south of Assumption Rd and Persimmon Ave. One burial. Private land, ask permission to enter.

Morseville Cemetery

Sec. 17, Logan Twp. Former village cemetery, semi-abandoned. About 25 markers. Oldest dates from 1880s. Names on stones include HARRIS, PARKS, GRAVES, SHEFFIELD, SIMMONS, EICH. There are several unmarked graves.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

SE Sec 7, Ayr Twp, former Methodist Church Cemetery. First burial 1873, about 85 grave markers. Semi abandoned.

Mount Sinai Jewish Cemetery

Located east 12th Street, Hastings. Established 1886. Maintained by Parkview Cemetery.

Old Inland Cemetery

Sec 13, Blaine Twp. Former cemetery site, all markers destroyed and farmed over. Burials in 1870s and 1880s for former town of Inland (do not confuse with current Inland Cemetery located in Clay County).

Parkview Cemetery

Located 1246 N Elm Ave. Hastings. Established 1886. Office has good records. phone (402) 462-4921
Click here for a link to interactive burial map

Potter's Field

Near the southwest corner of 14th & St. Joseph Ave. Hastings.
Established along with Highland Cemetery.  No stones; now covered with tennis courts.

Roseland Cemetery

Sec. 29, Roseland Twp. Formerly a United Brethren church cemetery, now a community cemetery. Established in 1878, still in use.

St Joseph's Catholic Cemetery

Sec. 22, Logan Twp. Former Catholic Church cemetery. Thirteen grave markers. Names include HEMBERGER, HORTON, HYNES, MILLER, MONKEDICK, ZUBROD.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church Columbarium

422 N Burlington Ave. Hastings

St Patrick's Catholic Cemetery

Sec 5, Highland Twp. Former Catholic church site, first burial 1886, still in use. About 80 grave markers.

St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery

Sec 22, Cottonwood Twp. Lutheran Church cemetery northwest of Holstein. Established in 1900, still in use. About 150 grave markers.

St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery

Sec 1, Hanover Twp. Church cemetery established 1878, still in use. About 300 grave markers.

Saxour Cemetery

Sec. 18, Zero Twp. Also called the Wilson Cemetery. Burials from the 1870s. About 25 grave markers. Names include BERNARD, BOVARD, BYRON, CADE, CHAPMAN, FOSTER, KEITH, KIRKWOOD, MUNSON, NOYES, PHILEO, SIMERSON, SPRINGER, TOBIN, WELBORN, WILSON, WOODFORD, WOODRUFF.

Scandanavian Lutheran Cemetery

Sec 22, Hanover Twp. Abandoned cemetery at former church site. First burial 1873. About 25 grave markers.

Shiloh Cemetery

Sec. 30, Wanda Twp. Former Evangelical United Brethren church cemetery. Established 1880, semi abandoned. About 35 grave markers. Names include ASHTON, BAKER, BOBBITT, BURLING, CULLIP, DONALY, HASELBARTH, HINES, LAUMAN, SPINDLER, THORNE, UNAGST, WENZEL, YOUNG

Sunset Memorial Gardens

Sec 25, Highland Twp. North of Hastings on Highway 281. Established in 1960s. Phone (402) 462-5502.

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery

Sec. 34, Zero Twp. Owned by Trinity Lutheran Church of Blue Hill (Webster County). Established in 1870s, still in use.

True Dutch Reformed Cemetery

Sec 23, Hanover Twp. also called Ostfriesland or Holland Cemetery. Abandoned cemetery at former church site. First burial 1881, 12 grave markers. Burial records include the names BLEEKER, BOONTJER, BRANDTS, DIEKEN, EEKHOFF, HARRENSTEIN, KLINGER, OKONES, PETERSEN, SCHLIEP, SIEMENS, SMIDT, WIEMANN, HOVE

West Ward or Danish Cemetery

Sec 21, Cottonwood Twp. 2 miles west of Holstein. Originally a Danish cemetery. First burial 1882, still in use.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Sec. 35, Wanda Twp. Lutheran church cemetery established in 1878, still in use. About 380 burials.


SOURCE: A Researchers Guide to Genealogical Data In ADAMS COUNTY, NEBRASKA, compiled by Catherine Renschler, © Nebraska State Genealogical Society, 1983 [Available from NSGS, POB 5608, Lincoln, NE 68505-0608]

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