Frahm-Brooke Drugstore

In 1884, the Frahm Brothers, Claus and George, erected this building to house their apothecary shop. It continuously housed drug stores for nearly one hundred years. The outstanding feature of this 22 x 60 ft Victorian building, designed by Hastings architect C. C. Rittenhouse, is its metal cornice.

Claus Frahm closed his drug store in 1899 and later became executive director of the Beatrice Creamery Co. He and his brother Thomas, contributed to many Hastings charitable causes and donated many acres of farm land to the Mary Lanning Hospital Trust.

A.H. Brooke opened his pharmacy here in 1905. His wife, Alice, an optometrist, maintained an office in the building, as well as serving in many civic organizations, Alice Brooke was the first woman to serve on the Hastings city council. Like many other drug stores of the day, Brooke's contained a marble topped soda fountain.

In 1920 the firm became Brooke and Son when Donovan A. Brooke joined the firm. His son, Robert became a partner in 1947. The business was sold to Dwight Redfield in 1967 and Redfield Pharmacy operated at this location until 1977.