First Presbyterian Church

  Dedicated to the glory of God in 1912, the First Presbyterian Church was built at a cost of $52,000, exclusive of material salvaged from the former church. The earlier Presbyterian-Gothic structure of 1888, designed by architect L.B. Valk of Los Angeles, was well-known for its immense high tower and Gothic spire.

In 1910 that building burned. The north and south foundations were utilized, and the east and west walls were extended.

In 1952 the floor space doubled when the chapel, fellowship hall, and other rooms were added to the original 17,917 square feet. The Romanesque details blended with those of the existing structure. The Christian Education Building was completed in the year of 1971, and the south entrance was expanded in 1997.

The congregation's first home had been built in 1878 on the southeast corner of Fourth Street and Lincoln Avenue. Prior to that, members had worshipped at various locations after organizing on August 10, 1873. Those pioneers envisioned a college in the raw new community. When Hastings College became a reality in 1882, its opening services were held in the First Presbyterian Church, and its Board of Trustees was largely the same group who served as officers of the church. Two ministers have served concurrently as president of the college - the Rev. W. F. Ringland and the Rev. E. Van Dyke Wight.