About the Society

The Mission of the Adams County Historical Society is to preserve and catalogue the historical record of the lives, events, and times of the people of Adams County for the use and enlightenment of its citizens.

The Adams County Historical Society serves to "Keep the History of Adams County Alive" by:

*Actively collecting photos, documents, videos, artifacts, etc. pertaining to Adams County history and development AND maintaining an Archive of material on the county's history and development.

*Our newsletter, Historical News, is published six times a year for ACHS members.
The Historical News contains stories of people, events, and buildings associated with Adams County history.

*"Moments In Time" is presented twice a month on KHAS radio.  Visit our "Events" page for more information.

*The Adams County Historical Society and Hastings Community Theatre present an annual "Cemetery Walk" in the fall, featuring well-known (and not so well-known) persons from Adams County's past.  

If you would like to become a member of ACHS, or would like more information, click here, or contact us.

Elizabeth Spilinek-Executive Director
Monty McCord-President
Steve Buss-Vice President
David Carpenter-Treasurer
Carol Kleppinger-Secretary
Robert Kerr-Director
Will Locke-Director
Laura Marvel-Wunderlich-Director
Walt Miller-Director
Dennis Mullen-Director
Troy Vorderstrasse-Director
Richard Witt-Director