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The following resources are available and can be searched for the listed fee. Please click on the print icon at the top of this page to print out the order form and mail it to the address listed at the bottom of this page.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us if you have any questions. 


NOTE:  Index searches and copies for common names like Anderson, Brown, Davis, Johnson, Meyer, Nelson, Peterson, Smith, Smidt, Williams, etc. cost more.  Please send exact full name or write for estimate of cost if the surname is a common name.  


*Always include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope*

All Adams County Cemeteries, tombstone transcriptions

Price varies depending on number of people and number of cemeteries.

Adams County Newspaper Index 1877-1979
(news items other than obituaries)

$2.00 per surname 

Obituary Index, Adams County Newspapers 1877-1980
Copies of actual obituaries/death notices are $5 each.

$3.00 per surname

Marriage License Index 1871-1972 brides and grooms
Copies of actual marriage license & return are $5 each. 

$4.00 per surname

Probate Index 1872-1925.
This is a detailed index listing all names in each file.
Copies of actual probate files cost $10 per file for up to 12 pages.   

$2 per individual for index search & copy of file abstract. 

Naturalization Records 1872-1929
Email to have Naturalization index checked.

$4.00 per individual

All of the following items can be searched for a per hour fee of $15 plus cost of copies.
Depending on the request, it may be possible to search several items in one hour.

Hastings City Directories 1882-Present
Adams County Plat Books, 1906, 1919 & 1929
(Rural landowners indexed)
All available Adams County and village history books
School Census taken annually 1876-1920
You must provide school district number or exact location of home.
Photo Index (22,000 images)
Church Records of 67 area churches
(Some denominations recorded births and deaths) You must provide the denomination and area of the county)
Adams County Census on microfilm - 1870, 1880, 1885, 1900, 1910, 1920
We will use an online index.   

Notes to remember: Research fee is $15.00 per hour paid in advance. Cost of copies mailed to you is  $5.00 from microfilm, 50 cents from copier, plus a long SASE. 

Please mark those items you want searched and enclose a legal size SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE or a manila envelope with one stamp for each 4 pages requested and a check for the estimated amount.

Nebraska births and death registration began in 1905 and is recorded ONLY at:
Bureau of Vital Statistics, PO Box 95065, Lincoln, NE 68509

Adams County Historical Society

PO Box 102  -  Hastings, NE 68902  -  Telephone: (402)463-5838