About the Society

The Adams County Historical Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the historical record of the times and people of Adams County, Nebraska.

The Adams County Historical Society:

*Works with young people, stimulating them to learn about their heritage
*Helps older people to recall the past by recording their life stories or presenting programs of interest
*Presents programs on preservation and historical interest in the area
*Actively collects photos, documents, videos, artifacts, etc. regarding Adams County history and development
*Maintains an archive of material on the county's history and development

Our newsletter, Historical News, is published six times a year for ACHS members.
The Historical News contains stories of people, events, and buildings associated with Adams County history.

If you would like to become a member of ACHS, or would like more information, click here, or contact us.

Elizabeth Spilinek-Executive Director
Monty McCord-President
John Quirk-Vice President
David Carpenter-Treasurer
Carol Kleppinger-Secretary
Steve Buss-Director
Les Harms-Director
Will Locke-Director
Walt Miller-Director
Dennis Mullen-Director
Richard Witt-Director