ACHS Membership Info

See what the Adams County Historical Society has to offer:

Collections of Archival Material:
Original county records-- including marriage records, naturalizations, and tax lists.
The collection also includes
photographs, microfilm of all available Adams County newspapers, newspaper index 1877 to 1980, index to all Adams County tombstones, city and county directories, diaries, maps, church, cemetery and school records.

Public Programs:
Presenting public programs on historic preservation, the Naval Ammunition Depot, and other subjects.

Oral History:
Tape-recording interviews with persons familiar with developments in the past, then transcribing the tapes onto typewritten pages to be filed in our archives.

Historic Preservation:
Raising public awareness of the importance of historic preservation, and working with owners to preserve historic properties.

Historic Markers:
Providing research for historical markers, and whenever possible, establishing the markers themselves to commemorate historic sites within the county.

Cemetery Preservation:
Locating vacated or abandoned cemeteries in the area, researching records to authenticate them and to identify burials therein.

Providing new horizons for volunteers of all ages, interests, and degrees of professionalism, who participate in the varied activities of the society.


Annual Membership ($24.00):
Entitles members to a subscription of the Historical News, printed six times a year. Gift Memberships are available at $20.00 each, after the purchase of an Annual Membership.

Contributing Membership ($30.00/year):
Entitles members to all the privileges of the Annual Membership, plus a 10% discount on all items listed on this site or at the sales desk.

Supporting Membership ($50.00/year):
Entitles members to all the privileges of the Contributing Membership, plus recognition on the editorial page of Historical News.

Sustaining Membership ($100.00/year):
Entitles members to all the privileges of the Supporting Membership, plus professional service for archival research.

The Adams County Historical Society is chartered by the Nebraska Department of State and the Internal Revenue Service as a 501-C non-profit educational institution. It is supported in small part by the Adams County Board of Supervisors. Its major support comes from its membership fees.

If we do not preserve and reclaim valuable pieces of history now, it is lost forever.  Please consider the Adams County Historical Society when reviewing charitable donations and estate planning. 
All Contributions beyond the Annual $24 Membership fee are tax-deductible.   We appreciate your membership and gifts.

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